Gigi has a unique facial appearance. Her head is entirely flat, and her eyes are droopy and tear-shaped, which gives her a pitiful look. The curve of her mouth forms a slight smile, and her ears are adorable, with a pointed outward shape, very small, and widely spaced. As she grows older, her ears look even more attractive. Gigi has an extremely affectionate personality and loves to be close to people all the time.

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Snowy is a small kitten with a robust physique and perfect features. Her large frame, round head, round face, round eyes, round mouth, and rare blue-gold Ay12-color Chinchilla fur make her an absolute rarity! When you touch little Snowy, her fur feels silky and soft, like touching a cloud. She is intelligent and clever, with a gentle personality. She loves to play with people, and even happily nudges for milk when held. Who could possibly resist loving this adorable Snowy baby?

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Alice is an adorable little girl with a striking appearance. She has a full face, strong bone structure, and a round face that outshines many little tomcats. Her appearance is a perfect match to her dad, Allen, and she is simply synonymous with cuteness! Hannah’s personality is very sweet; she is a little sweetheart and chatterbox who always likes to be around people. Having Hannah around is truly a joy!

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