Litter C12 - March 8th, 2024

Litter C12 - March 8th, 2024


Fashion Boy



Gender : Female

Breed : British Shorthair (BSH)

Color : Choco Golden Chinchilla By12

Date of Birth : 2024-03-08

Father : Fashion Boy

Mother : Pucci

Hazel is a sweet little kitten with a round face, broad forehead, and a charming doll-like look. She's innocent and cute, yet always playful and brimming with curiosity about her surroundings. Hazel particularly loves to play and seeks closeness with people by rolling over for belly rubs. She adores receiving affection from others and isn't shy about showing her love in return! It's impossible to resist this adorable little girl.

What is Included in the Price

At time of  re-home, our kittens come:

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