Litter B12 - February 28th, 2024

Litter B12 - February 28th, 2024


Fashion Boy



Gender : Female

Breed : British Shorthair (BSH)

Color : Blue Golden Shaded Ay12

Date of Birth : 2024-02-28

Father : Fashion Boy

Mother : Xena

Status : Will be available for pickup on April 17th
Snowy is a small kitten with a robust physique and perfect features. Her large frame, round head, round face, round eyes, round mouth, and rare blue-gold Ay12-color Chinchilla fur make her an absolute rarity! When you touch little Snowy, her fur feels silky and soft, like touching a cloud. She is intelligent and clever, with a gentle personality. She loves to play with people, and even happily nudges for milk when held. Who could possibly resist loving this adorable Snowy baby?
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