Available Kittens

Litter B12 - February 28th, 2024

Male cat

Litter A11 - January 13th, 2024

Available Kittens
Male cat


Fashion Boy



Gender : Female, Male

Breed : British Shorthair (BSH)

Color : Black Golden Shaded Ny11

Date of Birth : 2024-02-28

Father : Fashion Boy

Mother : Xena

Status : Available!
Teddy has a slender nose and a gentle smile. He moves with the grace of a whisper, often found perched quietly, observing his surroundings. His favorite pastime is lounging in sunlit spots, basking in the warmth. As the middle sibling, he strikes a balance between playfulness and calm. He's incredibly affectionate, blending the serene and watchful traits of both his parents.

What is Included in the Price

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