Our Males

Our Males

How We Select our Cats for Breeding

Each of our British Shorthair/Longhair cats used in our breeding program was carefully selected through the Golden Charm Qualifying Process. We look for healthy, robust males and females that will produce the same type of kitten. We also strive for the most social, well-balanced and happy kittens imaginable. A lot of this comes from their parents. Our adults are chosen for their wonderful temperaments and interaction with their humans.

Our Males(not for sale)

Fashion Boy

Title : Chаmpion WCF

Gender : Male

Breed : British Shorthair

Color : Black Golden Shaded Ny11

Eye Color : Green

Carrying genes : Delution, Point, Chocolate, Longhair

Fashion is a lovable boy. He is friendly to all. There’s is never a dull moment with him around. His favorite thing to do a cuddle up beside you and purr away. Fashion’s coat is very rich and luxurious. His beautiful green eyes always soften when you look at him.
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