Introducing Larry – the exuberant choco golden chinchilla boy! He is full of energy and has an outgoing personality that can light up any room. Larry’s playful spirit and adventurous nature make him the perfect partner in crime for anyone seeking a good time, full of excitement and laughter.

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Oliver’s face bears a striking resemblance to that of a bear cub, being round and plump with perfectly circular eyes that lack any sharp edges. His mouth is broad and thick, complemented by gentle facial features. He possesses an affectionate demeanor, a robust digestive system, and a voracious appetite. Among his siblings, he is the heaviest.

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Cody has a delicate nose and a round mouth. He is very active and runs around like a little ball of yarn every day. His favourite toy is a feather teaser wand, which he loves to chase around on the floor. Despite being the youngest brother, he is the strongest among his siblings. Cody is also very affectionate, inheriting the friendly and lively nature of both his father and mother.

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Justin has a slender nose and a gentle smile. He moves with the grace of a whisper, often found perched quietly, observing his surroundings. His favorite pastime is lounging in sunlit spots, basking in the warmth. As the middle sibling, he strikes a balance between playfulness and calm. He’s incredibly affectionate, blending the serene and watchful traits of both his parents.

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Teddy is an adorable black and golden kitten with a stunning appearance. He has a well-proportioned body, a round face, and perfect features. His personality is gentle and lovely, and he always stays obediently, making people want to kiss and hug him. Teddy’s color is incredibly beautiful, a rare black gold. He is the type of little guy who instantly brightens people’s mood just by looking at him.

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