Sova is a stunning beauty adorned with thick, blue-golden fur that sets her apart. She exudes tranquility and comfort as she gracefully strolls through the hallways, observing everyone with her captivating light green eyes, which are highlighted by her vivid pink nose. She relishes snuggling up with other cats for cozy group naps. Sova, on the other hand, is playful and particularly fond of handheld cat toys and anything that jingles with bells.

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Kaira is a sweet and special cat. She has a pretty, shiny coat that looks like gold. Her fur is very soft and thick. She has beautiful, deep green eyes. Sometimes she might be lazy, but other times she plays with her toys like a cute little kitten. She loves to cuddle and be petted. Kaira is great to have around, especially with kids. She likes them a lot and is very patient, even when they pull and tug at her.

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Pucci is a very nice female with gorgeous golden fur that’s thick and luscious. She adores to be pet and cuddled. Her green eyes are always gazing at you with trust and it’s absolutely heart melting. She is somewhat shy sometimes but is always willing to ask for pets. We absolutely love her as she really makes our kitty family whole

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Xena is a beautiful and graceful kitty. She loves to play anytime with almost anything. Her bright green eyes shimmer with mischief as she always finds something to play with, being a charging cable or just a plain cotton ball. Our family obsesses over her fur coat. It is so plush and thick that you just can’t help but run your fingers through it every time she wanders by.

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Muha has a special bond with our daughter Rihab, with whom she shares her nights. This little show-off flaunts her big green eyes and doll-like face, strutting around the house as if she’s in charge. Her presence is both comforting and intriguing. Muha enjoys lying on her back in a human-like pose, rolling around in anticipation of belly rubs. She’s a delightful cat to have around and plays a significant role in our family

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